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Secrets of Real Money Casino Winners


Gambling can either make you lose everything or become super rich. Everyone wants to appear in the second group and frequently try their luck, apply different strategies and combinations to change the life forever. We have found the most successful individuals who made a fortune out of enjoying entertainments. Who else wants to know the mystery behind WINNERS?

List of Top Winners

Importantly, online gambling was developed hundreds of years after first land-based casinos started to function. Nevertheless, the amounts of cash generated by web amusements are now exceeding traditional means with real dealers and physical presence. Some winners remain to be unknown but their reward sums are publicly available.

Land-based Casino

Interestingly, Las Vegas casinos brought the highest sums to the guys throughout the history:

  • Elmer Sherwin obtained USD 21+ million for two successful combinations at Megabucks in 1989 and 2005 respectively.
  • Cynthia Brennan won $35+ million using Megabucks in 2000.
  • A 60-year old woman obtained USD 27+ million via Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks.
  • A 25-year old guy got $39 million via Excalibur.

Online Casino

The following lucky gamblers became top USD casino winners using online games:

  • In 2003, a Finnish man got $24+ million via progressive jackpot at Mega Fortune.
  • Jon Heywood won USD 20+ million in 2005.
  • A Norwegian man in 2011 obtained $14+ million in Mega Fortune.
  • A Swedish male Alexander got USD 9+ million using Mega Moolah.

Remarkable Types of The Gamblers

Generally, everyone becomes a winner at online casinos once. The amounts of prizes differ. Various newcomers and professionals gain large sums each day. Nevertheless, there are few categories of users who have greater opportunities to succeed: High Rollers and VIP players.

High Rollers


Gamblers who can easily and daily invest thousands of USD in their online account and bet them through are High Rollers. Those are normally rich players who get personal assistants, invitations to closed events, access to demo versions of games, high depositing and withdrawing restraints.


Another group is VIP, which is frequently combined with whales in the same category. However, these players have extra beneficial status because of their special relationship with the management of the company, role in the gambling industry or other distinctive features. Therefore, they have more favourable rules to win cash and have reduced limitations.

Main Tips for Success

Overall, there is no perfect combination which 100% guarantees to become a winner. Nevertheless, there are certain factors to consider very closely to increase chances. Note that the categories provided below are not exhaustive and can be adjusted.

Game Selection

Firstly, choose the most suitable online amusement for you. Nowadays, players have an absolute freedom and can get lost in the broad selection of entertainments with different “return to player”. There are online slots (classic and video types) and tables, like poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps. All these are multiplied for live dealer games, mobile casino versions, virtual reality, progressive jackpots, etc.


Secondly, read, analyse and practice various strategies applicable to selected games. The chaotic and unreasonable gambling will only lead to wasting money and savings. Therefore, verify which combinations offer the highest payout and how to minimize losses.


Thirdly, consider available promotions. Significantly, it is unclear whether online gifts actually help because of the wagering requirements. Nevertheless, check terms and conditions to ensure there are real benefits of using them. Currently, players can get bonus spins, free money, cashback, loyalty scheme, High Roller treatment, special prises for a deposit and/or withdrawal in special currencies or for transactions in particular payment methods.


For the fourth element, one can say – luck is the second name of gambling. Indeed, a customer can follow all rules and tactics, however, if he/she is not lucky, there is no success. Play a bit and see whether the fortune is on your side before betting more.

Responsible gambling

Fifth factor states that gambling is not a general source of income. Enjoy online games for pleasure with possibilities to earn something. Nevertheless, do not play simply until winning, to overcome losses, to free your mind or just to forget personal troubles.



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