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Dec. 27-28, 2016 Bangkok (Thailand) Back

6th International Conference on Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities (TSSH 2016)

International Conference on Law, Business, Management and Corporate Social Responsibilities (LBMCSR-16)

Prof. Dr. Koryun Atoyan
Prof. Dr. Latha Krishna Das Mazumder

ISBN 978-93-84468-89-7


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Financial Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction: A Turkish Sample
M. Serhat Ozturk, and Oya Hazer
2Closing Red-light Areas Causing Uncontrollable Dispersals of Sex-workers in the Community of East-Java, Indonesia
Myrtati D. Artaria, Sri E. Kinasih, Pudjio Santoso, Pinky S. E. Pratiwi, and Sharyn G. Davies
3GAYATRI: Mistress Behind Political Concept of Monarchy Throne for Democratic People in Majapahit Kingdom
Oktafia Kusuma Sari, Nanda Handaru Nichita, Dhiemas Fajar Victoriawan, and Ahmad Naufal Azizi
4Online Learning: A Step Forward for 21st Century Education?
Mark Kolenberg, and Dima Assad
5A Hidden Secret Behind Glorious Keraton of Yogyakarta in Indonesian Political Dynamics
Gigich Ilmy Al Bonadi, Bellicia Angelica Tanvil, Defila Priana Falarima, Mawaddatush Sholiha, and Miera Ludfia Islamy
6Cases of a Living Lab as Open Innovation in Korea
Ji Young Na, and Young Il Park
7The Extent and Compulsions That Motivated the Military to Take Over Political Power in Bangladesh
Shelim sheik, WANG Guohua, and Kamrun Nahar
8Indonesias Multi-track Diplomacy toward Palestine: Indonesian Societys Supports for Palestinian in the Social, Education, and Cultural Aspects
Libasut Taqwa, and Muhammad Luthfi Zuhdi
9Indonesia in the Eyes of Medieval Arab Historians and Explorers
Muhammad Luthfi
10The Challenges of Indonesia’s Foreign Policy towards Palestine
Nadia Sarah Azani
11Using a Phonetics Transcription to Improve Word Stress in Pronunciation for Thai Learners
Sukanya Chootharat and Anchalee Veerachaisantikul
12A Variation of Reporting Verbs in Thai EFL Graduate Student’s Academic Writing: A Corpus-Based Study
Anchalee Veerachaisantikul, Boonchai Srisassawatkul, and Sukanya Chootarut
13The Evolution and Growth of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility
Vaijayanti Sharma
14How Social Media Helps in Time of Crisis in Higher Education
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Worawan Ongkrutraksa
15Regulating the Linkage of Mortgages
Yaffa Machnes and Elia Chaba



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