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 Dr. Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk     

Prof. Dr. Elvis Fosso-Kankeu

Prof. Dr. Pramod Kumar Naik

ISBN 978-93-84422-80-6


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Experimental Evaluation of Water Contamination in a Non-Thermal Food Processing System Utilizing an Underwater Shockwave
Kei Eguchi, Farzin Asadi, Haruka Fujisaki
2Research trends of autonomous control network for applying the Bio-Inspired Algorithm
Jungha Jin, Ye-Won Oh and Keecheon Kim
3Assessment of Fire Risk in Electric Power Industry in Thailand
Supapat Phuangkaew, Khemcharruch Junsawat, Nantakrit Yodpijit, and Manutchanok Jongprasithporn
4Hex-Grid based Relay Node Deployment for Assuring Coverage and Connectivity in a Wireless Sensor Network
Shweta R. Malwe and Kumar Nitesh
5Delay Bound Trajectory Formulation for Multiple Mobile Sink
Preeti Komal, Kumar Nitesh and Prasanta K. Jana
6Experimental Analysis of Gate Leakage Current for FinFET versus Negative Capacitance FinFET
Eunah Ko, Jaemin Shin, Hyungki Cho, Kihun Choe and Changhwan Shin
7Building a Data Mining Model & Comparative Analysis to Target Student Admission
Arif Uddin Ahmed Palash and Masud Karim
8Design and Development of a Course Recommender System for Undergraduates
Lebogang Sekele and Johnson Dehinbo
9An Offloading Decision Scheme for a Multi-Drone System
Kwangsoo Jo, Junhyuk An, Jinman Jung and Hong Min
10Framework for an Automatic Important Dates Calendar for International Conferences: Related Webpage Classification
Isaranon Promdee and Kritsada Sriphaew
11Information Extraction of Important International Conference Dates using Rules and Regular Expressions
Jiraphong Sirimueng and Kritsada Sriphaew
12An Efficient Routing Protocol with Multihop in Ad-hoc Sensor Network in SDN Environment
Jungha Jin, Minyoung Shin and Keecheon Kim
13Smart Sensing of Feedwater Flow Rate Using a CFNN Model
Young Do Koo, Ye Ji An, Man Gyun Na and Chang-Hwoi Kim
14A Smart Support System for Monitoring Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants
Kwae Hwan Yoo, Ju Hyun Back, Young Do Koo and Man Gyun Na
15Identification of Nuclear Plant Accidents Using AI
Ju Hyun Back, So Hun Yun and Man Gyun Na
16Screening and Antagonistic Potential of Hydrolytic Enzyme Producing Trichoderma Species: A Tool for Better Agricultural Approach in Pakistan
K. Nawaz, A. A. Shahid, M. N. Subhani, S. Iftikhar, W. Anwar and H. M. Umer Aslam
17Effects of Experimental Conditions on the Decolorisation of Anaerobically Treated Wastewater from Molasses Based Ethanol Production by a Modified Chitosan
Pimchanok Boonprasit, Nobuo Sakairi, Tanat Uan-On and Nuttakan Nitayapat
18The Effect of Burden on the Accuracy of Instrument Transformers – A Case Analysis
Deepen Sharma and Suprit Pradhan
19Detection performance of LTE PUCCH
Jihoon Lee and Hichan Moon
20Water Quality Monitoring of Total Pollution Load Management System in Busan, South Korea
Kyung-won Jung, Woo-gon Do, Eun-chul Yoo, Jeong-goo Cho
21Evaluating the Physical Properties of Epoxy Resin as a Phantom Material to Mimic the Human Liver in Computed Tomography Applications
Marwan Alshipli, Norlaili A. Kabir, Abd Aziz Tajuddin, Rokiah Hashim, and M.W.Marashdeh
22Beam Hardening Artifact and Image Noise in Single and Dual Energy Computed Tomography Applications
"Marwan Alshipli and Norlaili A. Kabir "
23Development of a Rapid Assessment Tool for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Emission Control Policies on Ozone Reduction
YIM S.H.L., WONG M., and Wong D.
24Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Polymorphism and Risk of Coronary Artery Diseases in Egypt
Hala Mostafa, Somaia Zaki, Rizk Elbaz and Ahmed Abd El-Fattah
25Experimental Investigation on Effect of Industrial Waste Slag and Alccofine on Durability Properties of High Strength Concrete
Devinder Sharma, Sanjay Sharma, Ajay Goyal, Ashish Kapoor
26Need and Scope of Stormwater Management in Chandigarh City
Er. Aisha Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Dr. Bushra Zaman
27Biosorption of Copper (Cu2+) And Lead (Pb2+) Ions by Chlorella sp. and Navicula sp. Isolated from Addalam River, Quirino, Philippines
Joel Jr. Magday and Arlene. Linsangan-Tabaquero
28"Scheduling with Collaborative Mobile Charge Problem with Time Windows in 2-D Wireless Sensor Networks"
Bang Liu, Xili Dai, Chao Song, Nianbo Liu, Ming Liu and Haigang Gong
29Evaluation of Electro/Fenton Process using Iron Electrode on Phenol Removal from Aqueous Solution
Alireza Rahmani, Halime Almasi and Fahime Zamani
30"Marketing Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction at Pirate Chambre Restaurant, Bangkok"
"Dr.Watchara Yeesuthed and Thanawan Kemthong "
31The Factors of Consumer Behavior on Selecting Sunglasses
"Nongwang Zhen and Dr. Chairat Suriyapa "
32Multiple Choice Tests and Distractor Analysis in the Japanese University Classroom
Rick Derrah and D. Edward Rowe
33Marketing Mix Factors Influencing Consumer Behavioral on Choosing Three-Stars Rating Hotel
"Kanchit Chimpali and Dr Watchara Yeesuntes "
34Services Quality of Dormitory in Min Buri District
He Chuan and Dr. Chinnaso Visitnitikija
35Performance Motivational Influencing Employees Relationship of Swissotel Le Concorde Bangkok
Gesarinporn Karnchanapunchapol and Sutham Pongsamran
36Service Quality of True Shop, True Corporation Co., Ltd. (Public Company) Bangkok
"Panchita Phinimontree and Dr. Chinnaso Visitnitikija "
37Service Development Guideline of Thai Tutors’ Provider Center
"Jarungjit Sodsong and Dr. Chinnaso Visitnitikija "
38Thai language is a factor affecting the selection of Chinese travel companies to visit in Thailand
Dr.Chinnaso Visitnitikija and Caizhen Xu
39"Consumer Services Behavioral of Resort at Bua Dang Sea Resort in UdonThani Provin "
"Dr. Vatchara Yeesuntes and Kaesorn Kanwiboon "
40Sales Management Strategy of Credit Card: Case Study Kasikorn Bank, Company Bangkok
"Mr. Sutham Wanvaree and Dr. Sarun Thitiluck "
41Quality of Work Life Affecting Organizational Engagement of Employees at the Ambassador Hotel Bangkok
"Miss Natthanan Sodmalai and Dr Tosaporn Mahamud "
42Stone Coptic Inscription; New Archeological Discovery
Ashraf Sayed Mohamed
43The Development of Modern Paintings in Borneo During Post-War Era (1945-1960) in Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei
Rahah Haji Hasan and Faridah Sahari
44Cyberbullying in Southeast Asia: A Systematic Review
Napat Ruangnapakul, Kringkarn Jaroenkul, Apinya Rittipo and Witchaya Khotarathititham
45The Evaluation of Patient Perceived Quality and Impact on Perceived Value, Trust and Satisfaction
Jeanne Ellyawati and Rogatianus Maryatmo
46Impact of High Performance Work Practices (HPWPs) on the Employee Agility
Shazra Saad Mian and Muhammad Saad Mian
47"The Internet and Product Bundling and Unbundling"
Jacques Picard
48A Comparison of Envelopment Models for Selecting Performance Measures
Esmaeil Keshavarz and Mehdi Toloo
49The Power of Social Supports as Mediating Effect in Social Commerce among Millennials Generation
Nurkhalida Binti Makmor and Syed Shah Alam



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